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Project Description
Office Dude is a collection of office plug-ins that helps increase the functionality of office products which will ease our daily situations we face with office products.

Outlook Dude: a couple of outlook plug-ins:
a. Facebook To Outlook contains a couple of plug-ins
1- Friends To Contacts:
Which allows you to add your facebook friends to your outlook contacts.
2- Update My Status :
Which allows you to update your facebook status from outlook.
3- Send Notification Message
Which allows you to send notification messages to facebook friends from outlook
b. Read My Mail: a plug-in that allows our computer to read mails for us instead of setting down in front of the computer and read the mails.
c. Picky Dude: a plug-in that allows us to pick mails from different folders and add it together to a specific folder.

3- AutoCorrect Plug-in (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
Which is a plug-in taht allows you to correct your words from wrong language to the correc language.

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